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At Fully Funded, we thrive when you thrive. We provide financial counseling and coaching services to self-employed people, parents, and more, and believe that true financial freedom comes from empowerment within. That’s why we don’t try to sell you products or manage your assets for you. We merely equip you with the tools you need to define what financial freedom means for you and make it happen for years to come. Through personal coaching programs Fully Funded provides education, resources, and accountability so that you can push through whatever’s been holding you back and enjoy a life of comfort and prosperity.

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Whether you’re self-employed and need to plan a parental leave, a small business owner looking to make your business more sustainable, or seeking guidance on how to get out of debt or save for retirement, our programs can offer you the support you need to build and implement strategies for a better financial future. Wherever you’re at in your life or your career, we’re here to help.

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Meet Jen!

I'm a Brooklyn based mom of two, a financial counselor, a former doula, and I’ve been self-employed my entire adult life. My passion is working with parents and self-employed people to implement financial strategies so they can live with financial confidence, less stress, and meet their lifelong goals.

My background is in the wellness industry. I was a licensed massage therapist and birth doula for almost 15 years. I’ve helped hundreds of families prepare for the birth of their baby during pregnancy, and the transition into parenthood postpartum. I run a doula collective in NYC, Baby Caravan, where I manage a team of over 50 doulas supporting families. I now support self-employed folks and parents as a financial counselor, helping people build financial plans to meet their financial needs and objectives.

My journey to becoming a financial counselor began with planning my own maternity leaves. The first leave I planned the wrong way and went back to my business way too early. I took everything I learned from that experience and carefully planned a self-funded 4 month maternity leave with my daughter in 2019. Those early months with her created some of the best experiences and memories of my life, and I believe every parent should have the opportunity to do the same.

Becoming a parent fundamentally reframed my relationship with finances after the responsibilities of parenthood really started to sink in. I realized that my financial decisions no longer just impacted me, but were setting the foundation for my children’s future. This led me to become a certified financial counselor so that I could help others build those essential foundations for themselves and their families.

Between planning two of my own parental leaves, all my years of experience supporting families during the childbearing years as a doula, and my skills as a financial counselor, I’ve created supportive, compassionate, and effective programs for self-employed people and small business owners to create enjoyable and financially sound parental leaves and build more sustainable financial futures.

I’m here to help you make your financial aspirations a reality!

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Are you looking to create a strong financial foundation and are ready for guidance on your next steps? We help parents, self-employed people, and W-2 workers just like you with a variety of financial projects like: debt management, student loans, spending and savings plans, separating business and personal expenses, planning a parental leave, savings for retirement, learning about investments, and more.